Because doing your thesis also involves going to the mall.

I went to MOA yesterday to shoot the atrium because that is where I’m proposing the exhibit and the launch of the book to be held and I will painstakingly edit this digitally just to create a exhibit/launching proposal photo.

I just wish that I could use my tripod+ND10 comblo to remove the people in the scene or better yet scream “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!” like Liam Neeson in Clash of the Titans to scare the people off.

Oh well moving on.

Vibrams are kinda weird but really nice, It’s like wearing a glove only on your feet. I’m kinda thinking whether should I get one or not, since this summer I would do a lot of shooting because I need to rebuild my portfolio as well as raise the bar of my craft before I apply for work.

yeah, okay next.

Damn, I forgot to put a “Take me, I’m FREE” sign but oh well.

Just did a controlled field test for my babies it’s controlled because I asked my friends to do the modeling but hopefully I can do an actual and real (since the final version of the ads are not yet printed) experiment

Basically those are my proposal for the ads of my thesis and yes it involves ninja ass like skills because what I’m planning is that I will place it at the travel section in bookstores, stuff it in opened magazines and books regarding travel, cafes and places where travel and shutter bugs alike go and stay/dine/chill/read.