The feels

The feels

Dove’s hilarious commercial. Wins on so many levels, wait is that a trophy? Could Ogilvy & Mather Brasil win a Lion with this awesome TV Spot?

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UTEC - Potable Water Generator Billboard

Universidad Tecnologica del Centro or UTEC  along with Mayo Publicidad DraftFCB showcased its amazing engineering prowess to attract applicants for the upcoming school-year by making a Water-Generating Billboard. Apart from the genius way of creating a billboard, UTEC has also done a exceptional job of inspiring future students by showing that with engineering they will be able to change the lives of many people and make it better.

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Daily Typography InspirationAd for Aizone by Jessica Walsh 

Daily Typography Inspiration

Ad for Aizone by Jessica Walsh 

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Old Spice muscle music.
This just won the internet.